Quality Control

Most of our competition believes quality control can be provided through their operations personnel.  We believe therein lies a huge conflict of interest.  In an effort to provide a highly proactive service, State Cleaning Service, Inc. has developed a comprehensive quality control program.  The goals of this program are to improve the communication between our customers and ourselves as well as quantify the quality of the cleaning and in so doing ensuring the satisfaction of our customer base. 

Every building is thoroughly inspected a minimum of one time per month during the work day by a representative of State Cleaning Service, Inc.  This quality control agent works autonomously from the operations department.  Inspections cover all tenant spaces, allowing each tenant the option to discuss deficiencies or concerns and/or to walk-thru the space with a State Cleaning Service, Inc. representative.  Other areas assessed are common areas, restrooms, custodial closets as well as daily and periodic tasks specified in the service contract.  The focus of the assessment is on attention to detail.

Each building is assigned a numerical value in accordance to its size and configuration.  Any breakdown is noted in the inspection and deducted from the original total.  A final score as a percentage of 100 is then awarded to the building.  A summary of the inspection is forwarded on to the building owner or manager if she/he requests.  Within five business days after the original inspection, a follow-up survey is completed.  An adjusted score is then assigned to the building reflecting the improvement.  A completion rate percentage is also shown on the report indicating how many of the discrepancies have been corrected.  The goal is to have the completion rate of 100%.  The quality control representative returns to the building daily until the completion rate reaches 100% and stays there consistently for a period of time.

Each month, the building with the highest aggregate original, adjusted and completion rate percentages is designated “Building of the Month.”  The crew is rewarded with a small bonus for their good work i.e. a pizza party or recognition pins and their accomplishment is announced to the entire company with the weekly paychecks.